The Story of My Sweet Little Soul

I was 38 weeks pregnant when the doctor diagnosed my baby with a heart defect.

Soon after, Grace was born into this world with a loud cry. She became silent as the oxygen mask was placed over her nose and other medical necessities were given to her to help keep her alive. Gracie was born with more complications than first expected.

After three days, Gracie died peacefully in my arms as my husband, my "angel" nurse, and I sang the song "Amazing Grace." Tears ran down our faces as we kissed her for the last time.

As the year passed, I believed and knew in my mind that God was the author of life and death - but my heart felt differently. I felt empty inside. I was missing my precious baby.

Then God gave us another gift: Gracie’s brother was born 21 months after her death. 

At six years old, her brother painted this picture of a little angel.

I like to think of this picture of the angel as a “Sweet Little Soul,” who was given to me as a gift from God and given back to Him. The painting became the genesis of Sweet Little Soul.

My purpose for creating Sweet Little Soul was clear: I hoped this image would give those who have lost a baby a sense of peace, knowing that their baby is forever in God's embrace. 

In 2014, I started Sweet Little Soul with “The Tiny Innocents” Collection, which featured my son’s painting of the little angel. 

As the year went on, I realized there were many family members and friends suffering from different types of grief: over the death of a loved one, suffering through chronic or acute illnesses, or other daily struggles that caused a feeling of isolation.

I wanted so badly to be there for them; showing them compassion, while bringing a little joy to brighten their day.

I knew that just an encouraging word or gift could help send the message that “I care.” It’s sometimes challenging to think of the right words to say during difficult moments in life, so I started offering special cards that would convey a heartfelt message. 

In 2015, I extended my product line. I created a specialty bereavement card, a  blank notecard, two ionic handcrafted jewelry pieces and a keychain. These were created in the hope of helping it to be easier for one to bring compassion to others during difficult moments in life. 

Bringing a little love and compassion to others in a tangible way will never be forgotten!

Ellen Cocks, creator of Sweet Little Soul